Most of our jewellery pieces are set with natural stones, Swarovski pearls and crystals and therefore require extra care to ensure that they remain scratch and tarnish free.

  1. The pieces should be stored away from harsh sunlight or chemicals when not in use, in moisture resistant packaging
  2. Before wearing wipe the crystals lightly with a soft, dry cotton cloth for renewed lustre
  3. Keep the jewellery away from hard or sharp surfaces that can wear down or scratch the plating , crystals or pearls
  4. While getting ready, make sure to wear your jewellery pieces last so that they are free from any make up stains or perfume deposits
  5. Please remember to remove handpieces such as rings and bracelets while washing your hands to avoid soap getting into the crevices of the pieces or damages to the stones or plating due to the chemicals or fragrances that may be present in the